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May 20, 2021SOLUTIONS

Anti-sloshing trajectories

Nine recent graduates have been awarded by the Ucimu Foundation as part of the 2020 edition of the Ucimu Awards for the best dissertations on the Italian machine tool industry. The winners include Luca Guagliumi, a recent graduate in Engineering from the Alma Mater Studiorum in Bologna, who collaborated with us on his master’s dissertation entitled “Methods for planning anti-sloshing trajectories”.

Sloshing refers to the agitation of a liquid contained within a container when it is moved from the outside. When moving bottles containing liquid products, the liquid must be prevented from leaking or the movement of the fluid must be controlled as much as possible for both aesthetic and functional reasons. It is therefore necessary to study the laws of motion to keep sloshing under control during rapid movements due to transport, for example.

Luca introduced new formulas for calculating the sloshing height and combined them with techniques known in literature for dampening the free vibrations of mechanical systems, constructing effective anti-sloshing trajectories.

Good luck in your future, Luca!