February 2, 2021PEOPLE

Boxing and Laser Cutting

Carlo Franchi, laser cutting operative in the Neri Division in Barberino del Mugello, near Florence, has a real passion for boxing.

After a career in amateur boxing, in 1993 he began training as a boxing referee. Today he is an official FPI (Federazione Pugilistica Italiana, Italian boxing association) referee and recognised as an international three-star referee by the AIBA International Boxing Association. Carlo can referee fights between amateur boxers, for example participants in the Olympics, or fights between professionals without a title at stake.

On the subject of the Olympics, Carlo is on the shortlist of 80 international referees, 36 of whom will be chosen to participate in the Tokyo games rescheduled for this year, Covid permitting.

“I’ve been working for Neri for 25 years, and it is thanks in part to the company’s support that I’ve been able to combine my work with this great passion”.

We wish Carlo the best of luck with his plans.