May 20, 2021PEOPLE

A future for the post-pandemic

Fondazione Marchesini ACT has been established. The Foundation aims to participate in the life of our community with initiatives that look ahead to a future of post-pandemic reconstruction, focusing on the values of solidarity that have always been synonymous with the Marchesini family.

The chosen name brings together the two main elements of the Foundation: the name of the family – with all its industrial history, tradition preserved from one generation to the next, and sustainable growth - and the acronym ACT, which refers to the concepts of Avant-garde, Culture and Territory. Avant-garde understood as innovation, curiosity, a drive towards the new, and a love of research; Culture not only as knowledge and technical culture, but also inclusion through knowledge, diversity as a value and mutual enrichment; finally Territory, with a focus on valuing people and traditions, whether they belong to a local or national socio-economic context.

“One of the most ambitious projects that we wish to implement,” commented the new president Valentina Marchesini, “is renovating the home 
of Marchesini Group founder Massimo Marchesini to turn it into the Foundation’s headquarters. Most of the new spaces will be used by young workers, both local and otherwise, who require support in the form of subsidised rents and shared accommodation. Finally, in the future we are also planning to create iconic places in the locations that witnessed the start of our grandfather’s entrepreneurial adventure”.

Good luck with your work, Foundation.