Packaging line for pre-filled syringes
Packaging line for pre-filled syringes detail
Labelling line detail
Progetto Eyecan_robot
Progetto Eyecan_robot
May 28, 2024

Marchesini Group at Achema: production lines and digital services for the pharmaceutical industry

Marchesini Group will participate in Achema 2024, the international trade fair dedicated to the chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries around the world, scheduled from 10 to 14 June.

In addition to the brand-new under-isolator line for sterile filling, capping and coding of vials, the Group will also exhibit another solution produced by the Group’s Aseptic division at stand G3 – Hall 3.1: a line that can inspect and assemble pre-filled syringes. 

The line consists of the SA12J inspection machine from CMP used for automatic control (stripping) of syringes: this is achieved through the use of cameras positioned in six independent control stations, which carry out a specific check (flange integrity, particle control and correct filling level, presence and correct positioning of the stopper, verification of the syringe safety closure system and the aesthetic appearance of the syringe body).

Syringes that successfully pass these checks continue towards the next step, reaching the Corima COMBI-2PL machine, which carries out two further checks: for the presence of the syringe and needle cover, then for the syringe’s dipstick. Next, a new sensor checks the dipstick-cap combination, before moving on to the labelling section, which prints the variable data on the label with subsequent checks by software designed by Marchesini Group’s company SEA Vision, specialized in vision systems. 

A line for packaging and labelling injection pens will also be visible on the stand, with a robotic island that positions the pens with precision and flexibility inside a paper tray. The latter, designed internally by the R&D department, features a functional design that allows for significant savings in paper and glue (-50% compared to traditional models on the market).


The Group’s AI and digital transformation solutions


Finally, there will be a corner dedicated to the Digital area with the latest innovations in the field of digital transformation and artificial intelligence. The Marchesini Group team will demonstrate how AI can be involved in robot picking applications and beyond. The services that will be explored at the fair include “Morpheus”, a predictive maintenance solution available to customers to allow them to increase productivity and acquire greater knowledge and mastery of purchased machines.

The Frankfurt fair will be a unique opportunity to also show customers the Customer Portal, which includes a series of services designed to meet their needs, encouraging a dynamic exchange of information in real time. The portal includes, in addition to the dashboards dedicated to the data analysis of the Morpheus system, the online digital documentation of the purchased machines, the Service Platform to manage assistance requests directly with the Marchesini Group after-sales network and the interactive spare parts manual for faster and more efficient requests for original Marchesini Group parts.  Finally, the format changeover in augmented reality will be visible at the stand: the Group has developed this service with a view to facilitating customers in the transfer of information and know-how relating to correct use of the machines. This simple and intuitive technology allows pharmaceutical companies to train their technicians quickly and effectively, thus reducing the risk of errors.