Rejves Rotary Monobloc
Rejves Rotary Monobloc_filling and capping detail
December 7, 2022

Marchesini Group acquires Rejves Machinery and aims to exceed half a billion in turnover in 2023

2022 ends with a new acquisition by Marchesini Group. The target is Rejves Machinery Srl, a company from Marmirolo (Mantua) which specialises in the construction of filling and capping machines for packaging cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food products. As a result of the operation, Rejves Machinery joins the team of the Pianoro (Bologna) multinational, one of the world’s top producers of technologies for packaging drugs, vaccines and beauty products.

Founded in 2002, Rejves Machinery is the outcome of a typical Italian story of successful entrepreneurship. The current owner, Mantua-born Renzo Vesentini, decided to found it after 30 years in the industry, putting his experience, problem-solving abilities and a strong inclination to innovation. The first machines to be placed on the market were capping machines, sold to customers with small-scale production operations. Over time, the growth of the brand and the development of various patented solutions have allowed the installation of liquid filling and capping machines all over the world, both in family businesses and in the factories of the most important home and personal care multinational companies. 

The acquisition of Rejves Machinery further reinforces the Marchesini Group’s Beauty Division. Recently established as a second business area alongside the core sector of pharmaceutical packaging, in the last two years the Group’s Beauty Division has incorporated several historic Italian mechanical engineering brands: Dumek and V2 engineering (Bologna), Axomatic (Milan) and Cosmatic (Monza and Brianza). The Rejves Machinery operation will therefore further boost the in-house development of cosmetic packaging technologies to be added to those already consolidated, including solutions for packaging hair care products, body and face creams, make-up products, fragrances, deodorants and lipsticks.