Marchesini Group at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2023
Marchesini Group at Expo Pack Guadalajara 2023
May 31, 2023

Marchesini Group at Expo Pack Guadalajara. An integrated, robotised line for packaging pharmaceuticals in blisters will be on show

From 13 to 15 June Marchesini Group, leader in the production of automatic machines for packaging pharmaceutical products, will be taking part in Expo Pack Guadalajara, the show dedicated to innovations and the latest trends in the packaging sector. 

The featured items on stand 1514 will be the most innovative technologies developed by the Group in the field of blister packaging for solid products. Visitors will enjoy a close-up view of a machine on show and in operation on the stand and discover all the solutions designed to meet the demands of the fast-growing Latin American market, while also exploring all the after-sales services the Group is able to offer its customers. 

Drawing on almost 50 years of experience, Marchesini Group can offer a number of solutions to safely manage the entire blister product packaging process, from cavity moulding through to end-of-line. There will be a specific focus in particular on INTEGRA solutions: monobloc, robotised, integrated packaging lines consisting of a blister packaging machine and a cartoning machine that can produce 200 to 720 blisters/min and 100 to 500 cartons/min. 

These lines feature an integrated robot, designed in-house, which allows blisters to be transferred directly from primary to secondary packaging, while maintaining a compact design. These solutions are also equipped with the most important technologies in the field of vision systems: from verification of the integrity and quality of the product contained within the blister to the most sophisticated controls to meet the most widely varying inspection needs.


INTEGRA 320: the machine on show on stand 1514


Customers will be able to view a model with this technology in operation on the stand. At Expo Pack Guadalajara, the Group will be exhibiting an INTEGRA 320, a continuous motion machine for moulding blisters in PVC/ALU (or other materials on request) with units for packaging in cartons with level or alternating flap tuck-in closing. On the machine on show, customers will also be able to view the Harleblister system, a visual inspection software designed by SEA Vision to check the quality of oral solids during packaging.

In this specific case, Harleblister performs three different quality controls, on the products’ colour and shape and their presence in the blister cavities, to guarantee the highest quality standards for every blister produced. The range of controls the system is able to perform is much broader, and includes the capability for using customised parameters tailored to individual needs. The system manages the entire process with great efficiency, from performance of the inspection through to rejection of defective products.