Inaugurazione nuovo stabilimento Creinox
Inaugurazione nuovo stabilimento Creinox
Maurizio Marchesini
May 23, 2023

A new plant for Creinox

The inauguration of the new plant owned by Creinox, a company active in stainless steel processing based in Ariano nel Polesine (Rovigo, Italy), will take place on 24 May at 7 pm.

Creinox - which became part of the Marchesini Group in 2018 - will now have 2,500 square metres of technologically advanced production departments thanks to the presence of 100 kW photovoltaic panels, smoke and dust extraction systems to improve workplace healthiness, advanced handling systems for warehouse automation and 4.0 production technologies.

The inauguration, which will be attended by around 150 people including customers, suppliers and employees, will feature the plant manager, Alex Gelli, the mayor of Ariano nel Polesine, Luisa Beltrame, and the Chairman of the Marchesini Group, Maurizio Marchesini. After the institutional greetings, parish priest Father Gabriele Fantinati will bless the new facility.

“Creinox is a strategic supplier for us” comments Maurizio Marchesini. “Its core business – stainless steel processing for the production of containers and tanks for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries – is extremely specialised and indispensable for our sector. The team working there is just as valuable: technicians who have over 20 years of experience in working with stainless steel and possess the knowledge and skills to improve established products and create new solutions to the highest standards and in the most efficient way".