presentazione BA400 @ Fiera Ipack Ima 1979
BA400 all'Open House 2004
Ultimo collaudo
BA400 moderna
May 19, 2021IDEAS

Our historic cartoning machines are retiring

After 40 years we have announced that we are ending production of BA300 and 400, a cartoner that has shaped our history and helped make us who we are today.

The BA400 - in particular - was presented for the first time at the Ipack-Ima trade fair in Milan back in 1981. Just five years earlier, Massimo Marchesini, a technician specialising in the construction of automatic machines, decided to set up his own business, creating 2M, his first company, in his garage.

In the process of setting it up, Massimo Marchesini worked in tandem with Giuseppe Monti, a motorbike industry technician, who would become his lifelong right-hand man. It is no coincidence that this machine featured highly original technical solutions borrowed from two-wheel mechanics.

Since then, the BA400 has enjoyed a series of successes and has become one of our flagship products. In 2013, the 1,000th model was delivered to a group of Chinese customers. Even in recent years, the BA400 remained the cartoner of choice for many other customers to close large-scale vaccine packaging cycles.

And the story continues with the new MA300 and MA400 models...