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Marchesini Group at PCI Days 2023
June 5, 2023

PCI Days 2023: Marchesini Group’s latest innovations in sustainability and digital transformation

Sustainability and digital innovation are the guiding motifs in Marchesini Group’s exhibition experience at PCI Days 2023.  The Polish B2B trade fair, dedicated to manufacturers and suppliers operating in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, will be on the 21st and 22nd of June.

With the support of the Polish branch, Marchesini Group will show the latest packaging solutions, developed to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industries. Stand B.19 will be full of multimedia installations: the focus of this edition will be on the sustainability machines and lines which will be projected on a large screen. With the help of interactive and innovative technology, visitors can explore our solutions able to package products with different types of materials, including paper, recyclable and recycled mono-material plastics and aluminium.

he public will also be able to discover all the services with Artificial Intelligence application: in particular, the predictive maintenance solution available to customers to aid them in increasing productivity and gaining full familiarity with and benefits from the machines purchased.

Finally, the Group will have the opportunity to speak about the augmented reality size change, its service to assist customers in the transfer of information and know-how for the correct use of machines. 

This simple, user-friendly technology enables pharmaceutical companies to train their own technical staff quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of human error. In fact, everyone working on production lines can benefit from this tool, with step-by-step guidance in the procedures to be performed for installation of single machine components in the correct positions.