December 7, 2016


The Marchesini family and the Board of Directors of Marchesini Group have chosen the former General Director of Sacmi, Mr. Pietro Cassani, to stand as the new Chief Executive Officer of the company.

The new CEO is renowned for his technical and organisational competences and will boost the company’s competitive level in an ever-demanding worldwide market.

“The future challenges of such a rapidly changing world, along with the desire to continue growing, have convinced us to broaden the Group of managers who have backed us constantly over the years. The aim is to make the business even more coordinated, a role-leader in its markets and additionally efficient in terms of Customer Care”, says Maurizio Marchesini. “Mr. Cassani, is joining our team to help us become even greater not only in terms of dimensions but also in terms of reputation and competitiveness in the world of packaging machinery for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics; I am also expecting his contribution regarding expansion plans through extraordinary transactions”.

This does not mean in any way that the family intends to resign from the business or from its management; on the contrary, it will strengthen the family’s involvement in a new strategic role to assist customers even closer.

Maurizio Marchesini will be the Chairman, Marco Marchesini the Executive and Production Director, Valentina Marchesini the Human Resources Director and Marinella Alberghini Marchesini the Executive and Organisational Director. The managers, who have helped to turn a small production factory into the fourth top player in the world in the industry of pharmaceutical packaging machines will remain too. 

“I am truly enthusiastic to take on this role”, says Mr. Cassani, “I am certain that the values of this business will guide me and, by collaborating with all the players involved, Marchesini Group will be able to look forward to great achievements”. 

Marchesini Group is about to end 2016 with a 4% rise in its turnover (280 Million Euro) compared with 2015. The orders received, by the end of the year, will be just a few points higher than the result of last year, which was already exceptional.