March 8, 2018


A brand new invention...

Global healthcare company Abbott needed a rather complex and innovative robotic line to package the revolutionary FreeStyle Libre glucose monitoring system for people with diabetes. Never had such a line been built before, and it took incredible inventive and months of experimenting to develop. Following the initial technical assessments and declaration of feasibility, the project came to life and two years later reached its final form.  

...that packages a revolutionary device for diabetics

The FreeStyle Libre system is available all around the world - and in more than 42 countries worldwide. It is designed to radically change how people with diabetes monitor their glucose levels, thus significantly improving their overall management. The device measures the glucose levels in the interstitial fluids thanks to a sensor that patients wear on the back of their upper arms. The sensor does not require calibration, it is waterproof and can be worn for 14 days consecutively. 

Patients can take readings anytime and anywhere by simply putting the reader over the sensor on their arm. No more “pricking” themselves repeatedly throughout the day, but only one application every fortnight.

Technical focus

Such an innovative device required just as an innovative processing system, capable not only of managing the high product demand, but also of keeping all the patch components sterile throughout the process. The only way to satisfy these requirements was to invent a brand new line, comprising the infeed of the trays with the applicators and the patches, their tracking downstream, through to the end packaging phase onto pallets. 

Each station is controlled by complex computerised systems to ensure the process runs correctly. With the exception of just the data system, every single component - from the robotic arm that puts the applicators and the patches onto two different belts, to the electronic systems and the vision systems that track each carton - has been assembled at our Headquarters in Pianoro.

The FreeStyle Libre packaging line is a turnkey line made up of a combination of incredibly high technology and meticulous design to carry out an extremely complex packaging process.