Consegnate le prima borse di studio intitiolate al fondatore Massimo Marchesini
Il presidente Maurizio Marchesini consegna le prima borse di studio intitolate al fondatore Massimo Marchesini
Il professore Andrea Zucchelli alla cerimonia di consegna delle borse di studio
Valentina Marchesini alla cerimonia di consegna delle borse di studio
September 27, 2021

Scholarships for the first edition of “Unfuturoalmassimo” awarded

The Pianoro Headquarters hosted the awards ceremony for the first edition of the “Unfuturoalmassimo” project, the annual programme of scholarships named after the founder Massimo Marchesini and intended for employees and their children who, during the course of the school or academic year, achieved outstanding results.

In the 2019-2020 school year, 22 scholarships were awarded worth €31,350: thirteen were allocated to students enrolled in or graduating with merit from technical-scientific secondary schools, while nine were allocated to those enrolled or graduating from STEM degree courses. 

The awards ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the Marchesini Group, Maurizio Marchesini, and Valentina Marchesini, the Group’s HR & Marketing Director, who presented each winner with a symbolic cheque, reminding them of the importance of spreading technical culture and the strategic role it plays in Italy’s future development.

The Group has always considered it essential to invest in training, working closely with institutes and universities. As a testament to this direct link between the company’s activities and the academic world, the scholarship award ceremony was attended by Andrea Zucchelli, professor at Bologna University’s Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. “People in this profession transform thought into matter" Zucchelli reminded the attendees. “Seeing these automatic machines come to life is a magical experience. Always be curious, eager to learn and listen, and let passion be your guide”. 

At the end of the award ceremony, the scholarship winners described their experience of learning technical subjects and visited the company to see the packaging lines made by Marchesini Group in action.