July 10, 2017


Today, seventy women under the age of 45 who work for the Marchesini Group were given a free breast check-up and scan as part of the cancer prevention projects established by the ANT Foundation. The specialists of ANT examined the ladies in four of the Group’s facilities: at the Headquarters in Pianoro, in Carpi, in Barberino del Mugello and in Monteriggioni.

Similar check-ups - which are provided thanks to donations of individual citizens and companies that ANT works with in this sector - are of great help to diagnose early cases of feasible cancer lesions, because they can find the disease in its preclinical stage before the symptoms appear. 

Breast cancer is still the most frequent form of cancer in women today: 1 woman out of 8 will suffer from this disease at some stage of her life. Prevention is therefore crucial, just like it is for any other form of cancer. This is why the Marchesini Group has been working for years with the ANT Foundation and is proud to be a part of the project, allowing its employees to check themselves regularly.