November 18, 2019


The Marchesini Group will take part in CPhI P-MEC India from November 26-28. At the show the Group will show its SL A210 print and check labeller and the CMP RS1 automatic inspection and leak test machine for injectable products. The labelling machine will be exhibited at the BRIO Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Stand (10.B36), the new agent for the Marchesini Group in India. Since its inception in 2004, BRIO Pharma has established its reputation by supplying high quality machines with innovative technologies to the Indian pharma and food industry. 

Technical features

RS1 automatic inspection machine has been projected to integrate CMP's know-how and experience in camera based visual inspection and HVLD (High Voltage Leak Detection) system. The machine is equipped with four leak test stations and a rotation system in order to improve the quality of the inspection.

RS1 can handle ampoules, vials and cartridges with a capacity from 1 ml to 30 ml. A combination of back and bottom lights and CMP software allow to customize the machine as necessary.
The output can reach 200 pieces per minute.

In 1982, CMP was the first in the world to launch automatic laser inspection machines for vials. From then, CMP has continued to grow and today is one of the leading brands for inspection technologies.

Following the CMP acquisition in December 2018, the Marchesini Group has confirmed its name as manufacturer of complete lines for producing and monitoring the whole pharmaceutical packaging process, from start to finish.

SL A210 is a continuous motion machine suitable for Print&Check 2D and human readable codes on the cartons, applying two tamper-evident “TE” seals onto the two lateral flaps or as an alternative one vignette label on the top. The unit operates in line or as a free-standing machine when equipped with suitable infeed/outfeed accessories.
The output can reach 150 pieces per minute.

These are the main features of SL A210:

  • Twin conveyor belts with adjustable width for handling different carton sizes;
  • Machine can be equipped or upgraded in future with two labelling heads for two Tamper Evident (TE) seal application on the lateral flaps or with one labelling head for one Vignette application on the top of the carton;
  • Horizontal and vertical adjustment of the TE-Seal or Vignette position;
  • Quick changeover without any size parts;
  • 15’’ Touch screen control panel for machine and serialization system management, with user-friendly interface;
  • Compact and ergonomic design.

SL A210 uses SEA Vision architecture to supervise the whole serialization process. The close integration between the SEA Vision system and the Marchesini SL A210 offers:

  • The possibility to work in a smarter way, thanks to the presence of a unique HMI, which allows the operator to manage both the serialization software and the machine commands from the same entry point, for a safer and faster process;
  • Increased level of productivity. The last generation hardware components are conceived specifically for the pharmaceutical industry: HMIs, new Main Units Wave, compact miniaturized cameras with integrated LED light units, battery packs to have 30 minutes of guaranteed autonomy in case of an electricity failure;
  • A smooth management of reworking activities and rejections decommissioning, thanks to strong software logics integrated with the machine.