February 2, 2021TECHNOLOGY

Total control

During our X DAYS dedicated to inspection technology, we showed off a machine named the SA12J, which is responsible for checking that pre-filled syringes do not have any kind of imperfections or impurities.

This machine model has recently been purchased by one of our long-standing customers, IBSA, with whom we have enjoyed a relationship of mutual trust for over 20 years. On this occasion, IBSA requested a customised version for the inspection of pre-filled syringes containing both liquid and gel (hyaluronic acid) products, with the development of a custom algorithm.

Six video cameras are installed on the machine, with the task of inspecting the flange of the syringe, performing particle inspection, inspecting the stopper and checking that the syringe is correctly filled, and finally checking that the security seal is correctly positioned and inspecting the cosmetic appearance of the syringe body.

Total control of the performance and a high level of customisation: this is how we take care of our customers.