October 13, 2020SOLUTIONS


Valida is one of our latest and most advanced tablet counting solutions. This machine uses a new system for counting and verifying the integrity of tablets, known as Multivision.

This artificial vision system is composed of: 

  • four video cameras which check the tablets sliding along the channels from above, verifying that they are of the correct shape and colour;
  • one video camera which checks the height of the tablets via laser triangulation, allowing any non-conforming products to be rejected;
  • photocells to check that the individual pill has been rejected and not the bottle.

On their own, these characteristics would be enough to make Valida an extraordinary solution. But there’s more!

Valida can be used not just as a counter, but also as a pre-loader installed on the
Integra 320 blister line. In this case, thanks to a laser triangulation system, Valida is able to recognise the thickness of the product and even reject tablets that are broken precisely in half, with one side completely intact but the other partially or completely missing. Under these conditions, a traditional video camera which only scans the upper part of the product would not be able to detect the error.

What else?