Vibrotech Open Day
Vibrotech Open Day
November 7, 2022


On 5 November Vibrotech, a company based at Bientina (Pisa) which produces feeding and orientation systems used in automated industrial processes, inaugurates its new headquarters with an Opening Day which welcomes 400 guests, including employees, customers and suppliers, to its factory.

Originating in 2005 from a spin-off created by engineers with twenty years’ experience in the pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, Vibrotech has enjoyed strong growth since 2017 after 40% of its share capital was acquired by Marchesini Group, the Bologna-based multinational that produces pharma and beauty industry product packaging technologies. Today the Bientina company provides jobs for 45 people, who help to generate annual sales (2021 figures) of seven million euros.

The construction of the new plant – 4 thousand square metres, plus outdoor areas of 10 thousand square metres – required an investment of 3.5 million euros. The buildings, designed in industrial style by architect Riccardo Butini, are also at the technological state of the art thanks to automated vertical warehouses, photovoltaic panels and heating controlled by a building management system (BMS), software which monitors the electrical and mechanical systems to optimise and simplify their operation.

The event will be attended by Vibrotech Director Giuseppe Trotta, Mayor of Bientina Dario Carmassi and Deputy Mayor Alessandro Cai
. Also present will be Maurizio Marchesini, Chairman of Marchesini Group and Vice-Chairman of Confindustria responsible for Supply Chains and Medium-Sized Enterprises, and Pietro Cassani, CEO of Marchesini Group.

The dignitaries and guests will be offered the opportunity to have fun and to explore the technologies on show. In particular, the assembly area will contain finished in-line feeding and vibration systems for backstops and automotive components, and robotised and mechanical systems for the infeed of bottles and other components for the beauty, food and pharmaceutical industries. The metal structure/unscrambling area will exhibit RNA bases and lines, Vibrotech motorised bases, a counting machine under construction and twelve types of vibrating systems.

About Vibrotech
Vibrotech originated in 2005 from a spin-off created by engineers specialising in the pharmaceutical and beauty sectors. After a long-standing partnership with Marchesini Group, Vibrotech is now 40% controlled by the Bologna-based industrial packaging international. This partnership reciprocally strengthened both companies, also in view of the opportunities offered by the “Industry 4.0 Revolution”. In a packaging world where processes are becoming more and more automated and advanced robotics are crucial, systems which provide components selected and orientated (i.e. ready for processing by robots) are absolutely essential.