2019 contribution: 3,000 euro
Support for dissemination of golf at Pianoro and in the Bolognese hill district.

Golf is an excellent sport for all ages, able to combine physical and psychological well-being with social interaction and fun. An ever greater number of people of all ages play golf regularly, thanks to clubs such as Molino del Pero which allows access to the game at affordable prices. For the over-forties and also younger players, golf offers an excellent opportunity to combine physical and psychological well-being with social interaction and fun. Golf can also be viewed as an activity that calms the mind while offering physical exercise for even the most reluctant athletes, people who are unwilling to take on the daily commitment of a workout in the gym or a twice-weekly swimming or gymnastics course; in fact, excellent results can be achieved with a simple 18-hole game just once a week. A widespread view, supported by clinical studies, is that golf:
• Helps to prevent forms of disability (numerous golf associations are springing up for differently-abled players)
• Helps to combat depression
• Prevents the loss of mental faculties (alertness, concentration, game tactics, and strategies to apply to reach objectives are deployed at each stroke)
• Improves balance and hence helps to avoid the risk of falls (thanks to the movement performed during the swing)
• Increases stamina (the game requires plenty of walking)
• Increases joint flexibility and muscular strength (a large number of muscle groups are involved, from the buttocks to the arms and thighs)
• Improves respiratory and cardiac function (thanks to the long walks)
• Improves the circulatory system (with a reduction in cholesterol levels)
• Improves mood (because it is played in the open air in a green and natural environment).