The universe in infinite, like our ability to find new solutions.

We aren’t in Houston, but often our customers tell us “We have a problem”. Luckily, solving them is our specialty what we do best. 

To do that requires highly-developed skills and at the Marchesini Group we are famous the world over for the tangible, specialist knowhow we hand down from generation to generation. At the heart of our problem-solving expertise is an entire universe of people who apply their professional expertise to the task and work together to achieve the ambitious goals we constantly set ourselves.

We certainly can’t predict the future, but we can, to a certain extent, make it possible. That is why we continually invest in research and development and our R&D team develops in-house 100%-owned, automated solutions and specific applications for our core pharmaceutical business, the cosmetics and food industries and many other fields too. By following the road of innovation, we have reached a point today where we own hundreds of industrial patents that have been requested or obtained by partners in the Marchesini Group galaxy.

We don’t always know where the future will take us, but we can guarantee one thing: it won’t be boring.