R&D and Prototyping Department

We create the future, in house

We set up a new 1,000 square meters building dedicated exclusively to the 3D printing of plastic and metal parts, in addition to combined plastic-rubber parts used in production and also as prototypes.

In addition to the 3D printers – which work 24 hours a day, connected inline and programmable from our offices to work with the additive manufacturing method – the department also houses laser cutting and automatic metal bending systems. Together, these special tools allow us to:

  • prototype samples in record time before moving on to traditional production with a tried-and-tested application;
  • develop machine parts, like robot guards and pucks, while controlling times and costs and monitoring production planning and error management.

All without using a single sheet of paper.

Pursuing the same goal, we built the new Research and Development workshop, a 1,000 square meters space where the applications of the future are tested and trialled. This further investment will lead to more innovation, reducing product analysis times, with a view to meeting the faster delivery times that customers increasingly demand.

Our Research and Development is split into three macro areas:

Hardware: design, trialling & testing of new projects, including:

  • robotic systems;
  • next-generation machines;
  • integration between machinery in line with Industry 4.0.

Software: development of innovative technologies and data collection algorithms to support design and physical production, including:

  • predictive maintenance;
  • artificial intelligence solutions;
  • virtual commissioning;
  • artificial neural networks.

Alongside these two areas are numerous external collaborations with scientific organisations, Universities and research laboratories.