INTEGRA 420 - 420V

INTEGRA 420 - 420V


Designed to comply with cGMP regulations, the INTEGRA 420 and 420V feature a balcony structure to improve accessibility.
The machines are composed of two main sections, the blister Thermo/cold-forming unit and the cartoning section.

Focusing on the blister part, it features an ergonomic working area thanks to the rear position both the forming reels and the preheating and forming station. This also allows a compact footprint, as required of today’s industry.

Multiple options of product feeding units are available in order to perform any kind of production.
Sealing, coding and cutting operations run over servo driven independent groups.

The ROBOCOMBI transfers, pursuits and stacks the blister into the cartoning section.

Main features:

  • New track feeding system
  • 1 or 2 lanes
  • Forming depth up to 12mm
  • Vertical position of the heating plates
  • Overheating and stretching control system
  • Servo driven motors

Featured Model: INTEGRA 420V

Blister section available as stand alone machine.

Speed: Up to 420 blister/min
Width: 420: 30 - 86 mm
420V: 30 - 66 mm
Height: 3 - 12 mm
Length: 70 - 140 mm
Width: 420: 35 - 90 mm
420V: 25 - 70 mm
Height: 420: 15 - 90 mm
420V: 15 - 85 mm
Length: 420: 75 - 150 mm
420V: 65 - 150 mm

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