Tubes filler-capper for tablets. Automatic machine suitable to count and introduce positively tablets in plastic or metallic rigid tubes, cylindrical-shaped (patented solution). Final tube closure with pressure cap and discharge of the tubes correctly filled on a bucket conveyor at machine outfeed, with cap facing the operator side.

Main features:

  • This machine has been designed to ensure both high efficiency and quality
  • Balcony type
  • Steel an aluminium frame with AISI304 stainless steel panels
  • Patented tube feeding and orienting system
  • Direct tubes discharging system on transport chain
  • Two parallel belts conveyors with independent motorization
  • 4 groups of 12 tubes holding bushes coupled on belts
  • Sinchro-dynamic mode
Speed: Up to 100 tubes/min
Tube diameter: 16 - 40 mm
Tube length: 60 - 160 mm
Tablet diameter: 14 - 35 mm
Tablet thickness: 3 - 8 mm
Cap diameter: 18 - 44 mm

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