Integra 720V
Integra 720V
April 5, 2022


One of the most eagerly awaited solutions on show at Pharmintech (3-6 May 2022, Milan) is Integra 720V, the integrated, robotised line for packaging blisters in cartons. Integra 720V is a compact multilane blister line (up to three blister infeed lanes) with a completely balcony style structure, comprising two sections: a blister packaging machine which forms the blisters and places the products for packaging in their cavities, and a cartoning machine which packages the blister in its carton.

The two sections are connected by a Robocombi, a three-axis robot fully integrated in the line and created entirely by the Marchesini Group Research & Development departments. This high-tech arm, which feeds the blisters into the product conveyor boxes, is
programmable to execute different stacking sequences depending on the blister count set, and is controlled by software for automatic synchronisation of the transfer, tracking and stacking system. The two sections can be separated by a partition to allow their inclusion in environments of different classes, and can operate independently, depending on the customer’s needs.

Integra 720V has an
innovative pusher and counter-pusher unit, a rotary drum carton opening system to cope with very high speeds and an efficient leaflet picking and insertion system. The end result is a line able to produce up to 720 blisters (in Aluminium+PVC/PVDC/PET/aluminium and other materials) and up to 500 cartons/minute (with tuck-in or glue closure and many other combinations), which delivers Very easy cleaning and size change since the product loading area is separated from the electrical and mechanical parts.