April 30, 2020


A one-of-a-kind training station has recently been installed at MPoint engineering, in Casalecchio di Reno, which is a member of the Marchesini Group appointed to train the newly employed personnel who will design and develop software for the future.

The physical presence of a
true-to-life automatic machine within a training context enhances training efficiency for new University graduates, providing them with the exact tools needed to experiment software in a real context of automation according to the standards implemented at the Marchesini Group. The advantage in terms of training will be amazing because, not only will these youngsters be able to simulate a real work environment on a PC, but they will also have an  authentic test bench, just like the one they will actually find at the company when they test machines to make sure they operate correctly before they are shipped to customers.

Thanks to the contribution of two historical names of the Marchesini Group - Stefano Gualmini, who is in charge of automation R&D and Alessandro Grazia, who is a skilled technician with years of experience, another two machine specimens have been created for teaching purposes: one will be installed at the Salesiano Institute in Bologna and the other will be used at the department of Mechatronics c/o the Engineering faculty of the University of Bologna.

Marchesini’s priority has always been that of scouting and training talented youngsters of the local region. The group indeed collaborates with local technical schools, offering various scholarships and organising Master courses for the Group’s future managers. Thanks to this new training station at MPoint engineering, the group takes another major step forward in the right direction to reach its goal.