Syringe and Vial Line for Vaccines

In 2019, we handed over a filling line for vaccines in syringes to an Italian Big Pharma. It was an extraordinary project inspired by three principles: high speed, quality and flexibility.

The line is composed of an automatic debagging unit equipped with a pre-feeding conveyor for bagged tubs, that allows safe transfer of the sterile tub into the filling area. The second step is Tub opening, carried out by a robotized unit. Once the tub is open, it’s moved to the de-nester, whose function is to gently remove the syringes or vials from the nest and load them into the linear filling unit. Syringes are then moved to a re-nester which places the good syringes into their nest with no-glass-to-glass contact.

The same line can also process vials; in this case the line can be completed by an alu-capping machine or connected to a freeze dryer in case of Lyo drugs.

An extraordinary packaging line for vaccines in syringes and vials

The first machine, FREETUB 10-A, cuts the bag and feeds the sterile tub to the filling room. It is expected to operate into a Grade C room.

The second machine of the line is the automatic Tub De-lidding machine, the FREETUB 20-A. The lid is then discharged into a high capacity collection reject bin equipped with an anti-jamming system. After having removed also the protective Liner and disposed it into the same collection bin, the tub can be moved to the de-nester of the filling machine Extrafill 10.

Extrafill 10 - the heart of this line conceived to meet the highest quality requirements of the pharmaceutical industry making life easy for the operator - has several strong points:

  • It is an alternate linear filling machine capable of running small size syringes up to 600/min (36,000/h). The high speed is necessary for high production volumes, typical of massive vaccine filling campaigns;
  • Its design allows for easy integration on the pharma wall with a balcony style arrangement, that is one of the milestones also for other types of fillers. The balcony style makes the Air Flow Laminarity perfect over the product;
  • It guarantees 100% in-process weight control with a sensitivity up to the 4th decimal of gram, still maintaining the production speed at more than 300/min;
  • It can process Ready-to-Use Vials arranged into Nest and Tubs with the same syringe nest size; or into single-piece Nested-Trays;
  • Advanced robotization is installed on the Extrafill 10 filling line. A brand new SCARA robot is used for syringe or vial de-nesting and loading on the linear transport system. A second SCARA robot is installed on the unloading area, which guarantees no-glass-to-glass contact.

In case of vials, the diverting unit can transport vials to the alu-capping machine which can be integrated on the pharma wall like the filler. We can unload the vials straight in-line or through the backside, where we can install a coding unit for printing the batch number on the alu-cap.

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