Technology is truly extraordinary only when it gives people more value.

Welcome to what many call the Transformative Age: a time in which smart resources are used in all fields and every process is digitalized. We are well aware that technology is based on continuous and extraordinary developments in the world of automatic packaging machines too.

The core of this industrial revolution is digital innovation that is changing all our standards. Industry 4.0, robotics, big data & analytics, smart factory & artificial intelligence, IoT, smart manufacturing and many other “disruptive” concepts have become the cardinal points to guiding our partners and customers to find new ways of creating growth together.

We can’t forget, that our most important value is and will always be the human factor. Because, today, technology is everywhere, but it can only bring real innovation, if it valorises people. And while the marketplace becomes increasingly connected and more complex, the Marchesini Group continues to make the difference, because we are the only ones who don’t consider these aspects as optional, and have already included them as standard features on all our machines.

This level of technical excellence is recognized by all the players on the market and is the exact opposite of the rigid standardization adopted by others.

Are you thinking about what will happen tomorrow? We already have.