June 11, 2020TECHNOLOGY

3D Printing Technology against Covid-19

In full Covid-19 pandemic, we joined forces with other Italian companies, including Ferrari, to create a network of businesses with a common objective: to tackle the crisis by making our 3D technology available to the wider community, so that snorkelling masks could be repurposed as personal protection devices.

The idea was originally proposed by Vito Zaccaria and Claudio Pavan, two engineers from Cento, a town in the province of Ferrara, who developed the concept in collaboration with healthcare personnel at Sassuolo hospital.


“We wanted to create a device that could filter air being breathed in and out, replacing the classic snorkelling mouthpiece with two antiviral filters. We named the device Arta, after a plant that lives in the desert, symbolising life in an environment where everything seems dead”.

Thanks to 3D printing, at Marchesini we were able to produce 350 plastic connectors which were subsequently used in Italian hospitals in the battle against Covid-19.