FB Series

FB Series


Mechanical intermittent motion fully automatic packaging machine, balcony construction, PC-controlled. Designed to suit pharmaceutical-production environments, it forms trays for vials, ampoules, syringes and similar products out of eco-thermoformable films. Its sturdiness, simple operation and the easy, tool-less change-over make it reliable, high flexible, efficient and easy to service in a very small footprint.

Main features:

  • Versatility and efficiency in a small footprint
  • Balcony design for easy access
  • Can be supplied with or without heat-sealing station
  • Prepared for connection from/to in-line integrated machines
  • User-friendly size changeover
  • Thanks to the servo main-drive, the machine speed is adjustable from the main HMI, within dedicated recipes


Featured Model: FB220

Speed: Up to 40 cycles/min
Forming draw depth: FB220: 28 mm
FB320: 42 mm
FB420: 42 mm
Pitch: FB220: 160 mm
FB320: 254 mm
FB420: 254 mm
Web Widht: FB220: 184 mm
FB320: 220 mm
FB420: 320 mm
Pitch: FB220: 154 mm
FB320: 248 mm
FB420: 248 mm
Web width: FB220: 170 mm
FB320: 214 mm
FB420: 314 mm

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