MC Series

MC are automatic machines for the insertion of single and collated cartons into the case. Prearranged for the installation of a complete system for the serialization/data aggregation (Track & Trace).

Main features:

  • Design, manufacturing and ergonomics, in accordance with cGMP norms.
  • Solid frame covered by painted metallic panels.
  • Balcony design to improve accessibility, maintenance and cleaning operations.
  • Machine composed of three working sections: cartons collation, case feeding and closing.
  • Working area and case transport, separated from the mechanics placed on the rear.
  • Easy changeover (hopper, Pick & Place suction plate and pusher) by means of quick lock size parts with reduced use of tools.
  • Case changeover adjustments in “B” (width) and “H” (height) quotes, are made through servo motors with direct command from the operator panel. “A” quote (length) is automatically managed when setting of the format parameters is made from the PC.
  • Function for the machine emptying from infeed products and complete outfeed cases (case waiting to be filled to be manually removed).
  • Œ marking.
  • The machine includes one infeed carton size, one collation pattern, one case size with not overlapping adhesive tape, machine prearrangement for the installation of a complete system for the serialization/data aggregation - Track & Trace
Width: 160 mm - 500 mm
Height: 120 mm - 350 mm
Length: 120 mm - 350 mm
Cases/min: up to 10

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