MCP Series

MCP are automatic casepacker-pallettizer, horizontal or vertical, automatic monoblock machines suitable to receive cartons from an infeed motorized conveyor belt, collate and introduce them into case, seal it with self-adhesive not overlapping tape and make the cases palletization.

The Casepacker-Palletizer is a monoblock machine made up of a Casepacker and a Palletizer.

Functions programmed and controlled by an Industrial PC with colour monitor. Configuration and sizes memorization.


The case magazine is a long conveyor belt placed at 450 mm (17.71”) from the floor level. It allows to place more stacks of flat cases over all its length and one stack in the pick-up area. Cases are picked up from the top of the stack. Cartons, coming from the upstream machine, are horizontally collated on a conveyor belt and directly transferred into the hopper by a Pick & Place which makes cartons stacking from bottom to top. Once collation is completed, the pusher and the hopper, mechanically driven, move towards the open case to achieve cartons transfer. After the cartons introduction inside the case, the latter is transferred to the flap folding and tape closing stations by means of transport chains. The closed shipper is discharged on the motorized roller conveyor for its transfer to the Palletizer picking station.


By means of the anthropomorphic “Robotic Arm” at 4 free side movements, cartons are collated in the palletizing section and then placed on the stardard pallet.


Safety guard in methacrylate with micro switches and safeties for a safe operation in compliance with Œ norms.

Machine delivered with Πmark.

Machine complete with size parts to handle one infeed carton size, one collation pattern, one case size with not overlapping adhesive tape and one pallet size.

Width: 160 mm - 500 mm
Height: 120 mm - 350 mm
Length: 120 mm - 350 mm
Cases/min: up to 10

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