WRE are rotary continuous motion machines for external washing and drying of filled and sealed ampoules and Small Volume Parenteral (SVP) vials.

Main features:

  • High production capacity at slow conveyance speed;
  • Perfect operational repeatability;
  • Easy to use;
  • Minimal installation space and maximum protection for operator safety, thanks to the washing circuits integrated on board;
  • High flexibility and capacity to process all types of ampoules and vial sizes by means of quick and simple format change;
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning;
  • Mechanical drives inside the machine protected against fluid infiltrations;
  • Complete separation between the different washing circuits;
  • Brushless drives for the various machine functions to ensure perfect synchronization;
  • Easy in-line connection with other machines;
  • Operator interface with industrial PC and touch-screen monitor.


Speed: Up to 30000 pieces/h
Ampoules: 1 ml / 25 ml
Vials: 2R / 125ml

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