June 11, 2020PEOPLE

An actual machine for an actual apprentice

One of the peculiarities of Italy is that a technical education is largely viewed as being socially inferior to classical or scientific studies. This situation, motivated by historical circumstances as well as cultural reasons, poses an obstacle for companies like ours. It is no coincidence that we are always in search of talented young people from the technical schools in and around our local area.

Our commitment to youngsters is such that we decided, for the first time ever, to install an actual automatic machine for training purposes on the premises of a small company which, amongst other things, also trains our new recruits.

In terms of learning, this offers significant advantages: youngsters are no longer limited to merely simulating a work environment on the PC, but have an actual test bench at their disposal, identical to what they’ll find at work in the company when they’re asked to check the correct operation of machines before shipment to customers.

We also created another two machines which will provide valuable hands-on learning experiences: one is installed in the Istituto Salesiano school in Bologna, the other in the Mechatronics department of the Engineering faculty at Bologna University.

So, instead of a classic business card, we introduce ourselves to future talent with real-life products, which they can appreciate in person.