February 8, 2021

US Consul General in Florence visited Marchesini Group

This morning Ragini Gupta, US Consul General in Florence, arrived at the Headquarters in Pianoro to visit the company. The Consul, intrigued by the excellence of Packaging Valley, was accompanied by Chairman Maurizio Marchesini, CEO Pietro Cassani and Customer Care Head Mirko Ballo, to the heart of the production plant, where she was able to take a close look at several machines for packaging pharmaceutical products, including three lines for primary and secondary packaging of eye drop ampoules, capsules and diabetes products made for the American market.

The visit continued in the 3D printing and Customer Care area, where Head Mirko Ballo told the Consul about the progress made during the pandemic, explaining how the fact that it was impossible to visit customers led the Group to implement live assistance, remote testing and training services with dedicated applications and smartglasses solutions. At the end of the tour, CEO Pietro Cassani stressed the Group’s focus on the American market, reiterating the importance of the collaboration between the company and the US Consulate General in Florence.