FBZ Series

FBZ Series


FBZ are technical intermittent motion fully automatic packaging machines, balcony construction, independent servo-driven stations, stainless steel finish, PC-controlled.
Designed to fit into pharmaceutical-production environments, it thermoforms trays for vials, ampoules, syringes and similar products out of thermoformable films such as PVC, PET, Polystyrene (PS), PP, PLA multilayer laminates etc.
Its sturdiness, modular construction, simple operation and the easy, tool-less change-over make it reliable, highly flexible, efficient and easy to service.

Main features:

  • Independently servo-driven machine stations;
  • Machine cycle-speed is adjustable from the main HMI, under automatic size dedicated recipes;
  • Two web-index units to grant the highest precision in pitch repeatability;
  • Easy, tool-less changeover: index change and size-related parameters automatically selected from main display panel;
  • Can be supplied with or without heat-sealing station;
  • Prepared for connection from/to in-line integrated machines;
  • High-speed fully automatic positive products feeding systems are available;


  • Seal Station;
  • Perforating station;
  • Chiller;
  • Printers;
  • Vision/OCV systems;
  • Connecting lining-up/rotation units, to deliver the finished, good packs to the downstream connected machine positively and reliably;
  • Hanging slot or thumb-hole cutters for possible specially shaped blisters.

Featured Model: FB420Z

Speed: Up to 40 cycles/min
Forming draw depth: FBZ220: 28 mm
FBZ320: 29 mm
FBZ420: 29 mm
Pitch: FBZ220: 160 mm
FBZ320: 254 mm
FBZ420: 254 mm
Web width: FBZ220: 184 mm
FBZ320: 220 mm
FBZ420: 320 mm
Pitch: FBZ220: 127 mm
FBZ320: 127 mm
FBZ420: 127 mm
Web width: FBZ220: 170 mm
FBZ320: 214 mm
FBZ420: 314 mm

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