If we are inspired by the extraordinary, it’s so that we can aspire to be even greater.

The human race has achieved some truly extraordinary enterprises endeavours, from the discovery of America to the Industrial Revolution, splitting the atom and walking on the moon. But each of these enterprises endeavours that has succeeded in inspiring all of humanity could never have been accomplished without the most precious resource of all: people.

The same is true at the Marchesini Group where we, the people, always come first. We come before data, before statistics, before finances, before everything.

It is a value we strongly believe in, because carefully cultivating people and their extraordinary talent is an essential requirement for our growth as a Group. Strength of will and Italian passion have always inspired our company to grow and evolve. This is also true of the extraordinary relationships we have built and consolidated with our partners and customers, who have discovered that we are not just mere partners, but allies and friends; in short, real people. This is because we know how to construct long-term relationships that increase in value over time. And many of us, for example, are fully dedicated to these relationships. 

All of this is inspired by the extraordinary.